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USB Stick

  • 1.  USB Stick

    Posted 05-12-2021 14:31
    Hello all

    Wasn't sure where to post this...  trying to get an image off a USB stick...  placed it in Carbonite solo switcher and now can't figure how to get it up on Preview and Program...  any help or tips?

    Patrick Orser
    AV specialist
    The Bayview Yards

  • 2.  RE: USB Stick

    Posted 05-13-2021 09:48
    I am assuming this is the USB you plug into the front of your switcher with all your media on it. Using your dashboard, navigate to media manager. Since I'm not at my switcher right now I'm doing this from memory. When you open media manager, there is a window on the left that SHOULD show the thumb drive. Click on the folder where your media is stored and in the main window you should get a thumbnail of your media. Drag this thumbnail to one of your media players (1-4). These will correspond to the media outputs you have mapped to your switcher. If I have over-simplified this let me know and I can go into detail.

    Malcolm Thorpe
    TV Syndicate/Icon Fitness

  • 3.  RE: USB Stick

    Ross Staff
    Posted 05-13-2021 10:35

    Hi Patrick,

    The way to achieve what you require is as follows;

    - copy the image that you want to use to a Media Store

    - once copied, call up that Media Store in your Preview and/or Program bus in an ME (or MiniME)

    Media Stores are how you can use images from your USB drive. Our online Product Documentation offers comprehensive, searchable, information on how to use our products. You can find out all about how to use Media Stores here - 

    I hope that this helps you.

    Raphael Samad
    Business Development Manager
    Ross Video

  • 4.  RE: USB Stick

    Ross Staff
    Posted 05-13-2021 10:41
    Hi Patrick, the following video should give you a better idea.

    1. Load the image (jpg/png/tga) into one of the MediaStore channels.
    2. Ensure that the MediaStore channels (M1, M2...) are mapped onto the crosspoint buttons.
    3. Select M1 (or M2, M3, M4) on Preview or Program.

    Business Development Manager - Production Switchers & Servers
    Ross Video