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Feature Suggestion/Question

  • 1.  Feature Suggestion/Question

    Posted 10-27-2021 22:58

    Am I missing something or is there a reason why the title & motion safe guides don't scale accordingly when a user zooms the viewport?  It's as though they are an independent overlay controlled from the scene objects tab without any linked relationship to the percentage of zoom selected within the viewport' drop down setting.  

    I don't know if any designer would ever not know they're working within a scaled region of the viewport since the objects would all appear equally scaled but I could see that happening upon a quick glance if an individual was to miss the changed value of the drop down zoom setting and judge the frame solely based upon seeing the full title/motion safe zone markers.  It could be helpful if those guides scale proportionately with everything else in the the scene for situations where one might wish to refine the placement or edges of bugs, tickers, score boxes, etc. in relationship to those very guides/zones (perhaps offer the ability to toggle on/off scaling of the safe zones based upon the viewport's zoom setting if there is logic to the way it's currently presented).

    Steve Trauger