Database to point to RSS entry location in Datalinq

  • 1.  Database to point to RSS entry location in Datalinq

    Posted 10-19-2021 16:16
    Hey Everyone, 

    Hope you might be able to help again. I have an excel database that is driving a project. I also pull out of town scores from a RSS feed. For an out of town score, I utilize datalink keys to select the correct game. So each game in the RSS is ID'd by the game number, and pulls the correct Rank, Score, and Time Remaining. In the Datalinq for each entry it looks something like:

    Column: scores\cfb-score<%datalink_key%>\visitingteam\
    Row: score

    So it would be: scores\cfb-score8\visitingteam\ or scores\cfb-score55\visitingteam\

    What I want to have happen is be able to utilize a row in the excel instead of the datalink key (long story short, it would make setup more streamlined for each event). I can either have it display just the game number "8", the game selected "cfb-score8", or the entire string "scores\cfb-score8\visitingteam". Whichever one is possible, if this is possible at all.

    Hope that makes sense and that someone might have an idea of how to accomplish it. Thanks!