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  • 1.  Arabic and English text

    Posted 11-01-2021 16:58
    For a customer I have to show English and Arabic texts on air at the same time. Is there a way to show both languages at the same time in Xpression? Arabic is written right to left and English left to right.

    Bryan Boor

  • 2.  RE: Arabic and English text

    Posted 11-02-2021 04:43
    Hi Bryan
    This is possible. If the project is mainly in Arabic, then I'd recommend you set the Right To Left Reading Order in the preferences as per below. Will make your life easier!
    When you enter text in XPression, if you've set the Right To Left Reading Order, there is a new Text tab on the object inspector for text objects. This is the easiest place to enter text.
    If you right click on a text box, there is also an option (Text Layout) to change just that box for Right To Left reading. Use this if you've not set the whole system to be Right To Left.

    Your biggest issue is whether your font has Arabic and Latin characters. Arial has both, and is what I've used when I've had to display English and Arabic in the same sentence.  If your font has both sets of characters, there is nothing more to do. If it doesn't, then you'll need to use font tags to switch fonts in your text.

    Hope this helps.

    Simon Latus

  • 3.  RE: Arabic and English text

    Ross Staff
    Posted 11-02-2021 07:22
    when in sequencer you can you use makers to change the direction of text for say English or Arabic temporarily and then back again. 

    Simon Redmile
    Test Pilot | Senior Graphic Programmer & Designer
    Ross Video
    London United Kingdom