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  • 1.  trigger animation controller via datalinq

    Posted 07-14-2021 12:08
    Hi.  I have a template that is 45 seconds long that can show 3 pages of text.
    First page is up for 15 seconds. then page 2 animates on  and then page 3 15 seconds later.
    For most of the pages data we just use the first 15 seconds and the page only shows that number of frames.
    We go in and manually change the templates to display more or all of the frames depending on the data.
    the pages are all fed by a tab delimited text file datalinq.
    Just wondering if it's possible to pick either an end frame or an animation contoller using input from that datalinq file.
    We don't do a lot of scripting so that's a little out of my league.
    I have had some success working with Visual Logic and Transition logic.. but I"m not sure if that would be helpful here.

    Teresa Lohan

  • 2.  RE: trigger animation controller via datalinq

    Ross Staff
    Posted 07-14-2021 13:35
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    There's a number of ways you could achieve this. Probably the easiest to achieve quickly would be 4 scene directors;
    1 for 1 pages (15 seconds)
    1 for 2 pages (30 seconds)
    1 for 3 pages (45 seconds)
    1 as NULL (set as default otherwise you'll get conflicts) 
    Using visual logic you could build something like this.

    I attached a project for you to look at.

    Type in 15, 30 or 45 into the text box in sequencer and you'll see the sphere goes different distances. 

    Simon Redmile
    Ross Video


  • 3.  RE: trigger animation controller via datalinq

    Posted 07-15-2021 09:06
    Thanks a lot.  this looks totally doable.
    Let the experimentation BEGIN!

    Teresa Lohan

  • 4.  RE: trigger animation controller via datalinq

    Posted 07-21-2021 14:42
    Hi.. the visual logic worked really well.  I've been able to setup 4 SD's and tied it to a dataling column (instead of a text box)
    The individual templates play in manual mode perfectly.
    when we put 10 templates together in one group on the sequencer and play the group it doesn't work.
    Instead they play one after the other using the default SD which is nothing.
    What am I missing?  We've gone through a bunch of permutations for the group set up and none of them work.  The datalinq selected SD doesn't play.

    Teresa Lohan