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  • 1.  Xpression - Export Project Package (Not Responding)

    Posted 5 days ago
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    Occasionally when I Export Project Package I get a 'Not Responding' error and the process just hangs until I select cancel. Once I have done this and try exporting again it works perfectly. Picture attached to show example.

    Anyone know why I get this?



    Phil Hewson

  • 2.  RE: Xpression - Export Project Package (Not Responding)

    Ross Staff
    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi Phil,
    How long do you wait after the export package process shows as not responding? On certain systems its pretty typical for the export project process to take some time, as XPression zips up all the assets from the project, especially for video videos (like we can see the export process was working on in your screne shot). Sometimes Windows will falsely detect XPression as being unresponsive while XPression is executing this process, if you wait a bit generally XPression will complete the export and Windows will correctly display it normally again.

    Alternatively this is sometimes also caused by Anti-virus that is executing 'on-access file scanning'. Where the anti-virus is scanning the files as XPression prepared them for archiving.