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  • 1.  Adjusting Stagger Animation Based on Text Length

    Posted 11-18-2021 17:23
    Hi there,

    I currently have a baseline set up for use on a live show, which uses a stagger animation for the top line of text (usually a name) to make each letter jump up with a slight offset to give a nice wave effect. However, since names obviously come in all different lengths I was wondering if there would be a way to set up the scene so that the stagger animation is adjusted automatically based on the length of the text so it's always a similar speed, rather than a longer name blasting through the animation very quick and a shorter name being slow.

    Hopefully that makes sense.


    Thomas Coutts
    Whitebait Media

  • 2.  RE: Adjusting Stagger Animation Based on Text Length

    Posted 11-18-2021 23:07
    I'm not at my Xpression right now, but I am pretty sure you can set a single character duration for your animation. I will check when I get in front of my system. I may be wrong.

    Malcolm Thorpe
    TV Syndicate/Icon Fitness