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  • 1.  .XPP not taking all folders

    Posted 11-08-2021 15:42
    I'm trying to export XP packages.  I always include "Unused Files in Project Folders," as well as "Font Files."  However, when I deploy the .XPP, it doesn't always take all of the XP folders with it.  Sometimes I get one folder, sometimes I get three.  How do I ensure that all of the XP folders in the folder structure (Audio, Fonts, Images, Misc, Models, Record, Video) always export with the .XPP and is there any reason why they wouldn't? Thank you!

  • 2.  RE: .XPP not taking all folders

    Posted 11-10-2021 02:10
    I always make a zip file of the entire project and send that, I would suggest it's the best practice option for distributing your projects and maintaining the physical folder structure, the other option is buying a project server license which is a nice way of keeping projects centralised and up to date.

    Matt Gamble

  • 3.  RE: .XPP not taking all folders

    Ross Staff
    Posted 11-10-2021 05:45
    the XPP only takes folders that contain items so when it is deployed it doesn't make any empty folders. It also doesn't look for any subfolders so as mat said, zip is probably the best. 

    The project server also sorts all this but I would only recommend it if you have a lot of several XPression or more. 



    Simon Redmile
    Test Pilot | Senior Graphic Programmer & Designer
    Ross Video
    London United Kingdom

  • 4.  RE: .XPP not taking all folders

    Posted 11-10-2021 08:32
    Thanks to both of you!  Unfortunately the Project Server is not an option at the moment.  It was my understanding that exporting packages was the XP's version of a zip file.  Are there any main differences/benefits between the two?  Is it that zips will bring along subfolders?  I know that XP is big on no subfolders.  I thought that zip files also bypass empty folders.  It's not as though XP needs all of the folders it creates in order to launch a project, but would it be beneifical to dump a dummy graphic into each folder at the creation of a directory just to hold the folder structure?

  • 5.  RE: .XPP not taking all folders

    Posted 11-10-2021 18:43
    Hi Jessie,

    ZIP Files take everything, even empty folders, and preserves the directory structure.


    James Hope
    Technical Director
    3ABN Australia Inc

  • 6.  RE: .XPP not taking all folders

    Posted 11-15-2021 06:31
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  • 7.  RE: .XPP not taking all folders

    Posted 11-17-2021 18:37
    Yes, thank you so much for the advice!