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Xpression sequence items

  • 1.  Xpression sequence items

    Posted 16 days ago
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    I'm customizing a dashboard panel to control the playlist of Xpression, however, after I drag the playlist from sequence items and drop it in my panel ,the table placed in bottom which shows me the selected clip, didn't work well. It seems that the parameters of this table didn't come together of the others elements.  Anyone could help me in this case, please? 


    João victhor Mariano

  • 2.  RE: Xpression sequence items

    Ross Staff
    Posted 15 days ago
    Hi João
    These widgets are highly-configurable and you are correct that, in this case, the 2 widgets communicate with each other and that parameter (and the script to react when it changes) was not dragged when you pulled the components individually.

    Your fastest path to success will be to select the first widget you wish to drag and then use the up arrow on your keyboard to change your selection to include more of the panel. Keep going up until you reach the top of the panel and you will grab everything. Once you have it in your custom panel, you can use cut/paste to change the layout and delete controls you no longer wish to use.

    I can also including a minimal example with the 2 widgets wired together if you would like - you will just need to change the data source of the panel to point it at your XPression as opposed to my test unit.

    <abs contexttype="opengear" keepalive="true" objectid="localhost:8020:XPression" style="bg#dark;">
             <param access="1" constrainttype="INT_NULL" name="Selected Take Item" oid="selectedOID" precision="0" type="INT32" value="0" widget="default"/>
          <ogscript handles="onchange,onload" oid="selectedOID">//THIS IS THE CODE TO WIRE THE 2 WIDGETS TOGETHER
    var selectedValue = params.getValue( 'selectedOID', 0 );
                         if (( selectedValue == null )||( selectedValue == "")){                       
                         var widget =ogscript.getComponentsById( 'singleWidget' )[0]; 
                         var param = widget.getConfigParam('Ext.CGTemp.TakeID', 0);           
       <widget baseoid="xprn.sequenceitem.take1" height="202" id="singleWidget" left="80" top="708" widgetid="com.rossvideo.widget.cgtemplate" width="494">
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayTake" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.BackgroundStyle" value="bg#ff0000;"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.Layout.ImagePosition" value="east"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayOptions" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayName" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayThumb" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayLayer" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayOutput" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayDuration" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayLabels" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayPublished" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.PresetStyles" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayConextMenu" value="0"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.TakeIDs" value="3103"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.FollowLayers" value="10"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayControls" value="1"/>
                <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.TakeID" value="2"/>
       <widget baseoid="xprn.sequencerlist" height="596" id="test.widget" left="92" top="30" widgetid="com.rossvideo.widget.cgtemplatelist" width="484">
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.Rows" value="4"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.Columns" value="6"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.SelectionOID" value="selectedOID"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.ReducedWidth" value="0"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.OnAirBorderWidth" value="3"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.InlinePublished" value="0"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeThree.DisplayPublished" value="1"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.DisplayPublished" value="0"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeTwo.InlinePublished" value="1"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeThree.Rows" value="1"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeThree.Columns" value="3"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeTwo.Rows" value="2"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeTwo.Columns" value="4"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.LabelStyle" value="size:8;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeThree.PublishFields.Height" value="75"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.Style.Label" value="size:10;font:default;fg#94979b;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.Style.TitleLabel" value="size:10;font:bold;fg#ffffff;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeTwo.Style.Label" value="size:15;font:default;fg#94979b;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeTwo.Style.TitleLabel" value="size:15;font:bold;fg#ffffff;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayLabels" value="0"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.Style.TakeLabel" value="size:10;font:bold;bg#dddddd;bg-fill:none;look:round;fg#363c44;txt-align:center;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeTwo.Style.TakeLabel" value="size:20;font:bold;bg#dddddd;bg-fill:none;look:round;fg#363c44;txt-align:center;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.DisplayDuration" value="1"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.Style.TableOddRow" value="fg#control;f:bg#2c2e33;t:bg#ff00ff;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.Style.TableEvenRow" value="fg#control;f:bg#2c2e33;t:bg#00ff00;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.Style.TableEvenRowOnline" value="font:bold;fg#control;f:bg#onlineSequence;t:bg#ff0000;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.Style.TableOddRowOnline" value="font:bold;fg#control;f:bg#onlineSequence;t:bg#00ffff;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.Style.TableRowOnline" value="font:bold;fg#ffffff;f:bg#d9444c;t:bg#2e4353;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.Style.TableRowOffline" value="fg#control;f:bg#2c2e33;t:bg#2e4353;"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTemp.Color.OnAir" value="#c8333b"/>
                            <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeOne.DisplayControls" value="1"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeTwo.DisplayControls" value="1"/>
                               <param oid="Ext.CGTempList.SizeThree.DisplayControls" value="1"/>


    James Peltzer
    Ross Video

  • 3.  RE: Xpression sequence items

    Posted 15 days ago
    Hello James,

    Thank you for your help, I tried to drag & drop the whole page and it actually works! 
    I have two Sequencers, the Sequencer 1 on the Left that I use as a Medium Viewer and Sequencer 2 on the Right that I use the Details type of View and it comes with the Visualizer on the bottom and I've been trying to make 2 Sequencers communicate with each other. I was able to make the two sequencers work​, but they're not synchronized.
    I was hoping the two Sequencers would talk to each other and show on the Visualizer what they're playing but the Visualizer only works with the Sequencer 2, I can press TAKE on Sequencer 1 but I can only see the PREVIEW when it actually plays it will show me the image preview that is highlighted on Sequencer 2. 
    I'm not sure if it's possible to make them do the same thing at the same time when the Visualizer is attached to the Sequencer 2, but that would be ideal.
    My goal is to make sure they're synchronized and show me the preview and playing images that I selected in real time in any of the Sequencers. Is that possible?

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    João victhor Mariano