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  • 1.  CasparCG TCP command

    Posted 09-20-2021 11:54
    Hi all

    i tried to get an cliplist from Caspar cg to dashboard by call the CLS funktion in caspar. 

    It do sent the command and i can get to recived the first line but not all. 

    the command i sent to caspar is: 
    function callback(success, sentData, resultString, exception)
    rosstalk.sendMessageWithResponse('localhost', 5250, 'CLS\r\n', '', callback);

    in debug i get this 

    but in caspar i can see it do the command CLS and the line are longere and include all clip. 

    how can i get it in dashboard ? 


    Michael Olsen
    TV2 Lorry

  • 2.  RE: CasparCG TCP command

    Ross Staff
    Posted 09-20-2021 12:17
    Hi Michael,

    I've never worked with a CasparCG so I'm not sure of the details.   I did create this video on interacting with VLC which is a video player that also has clip lists.   It's probably similar to how the CasparCG communicates.

    Controlling 3rd Party Devices | Ross Video

    The working files has 3 panels.   The level 3 one has the clip list and a lot of other features.   

    Take a look at the video, and hopefully it will help you with the CasparCG.


    Ben Gatien
    Ross Video