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NK-GPI triggered by Ultrix´s Crosspoints

  • 1.  NK-GPI triggered by Ultrix´s Crosspoints

    Posted 05-17-2022 16:48

    I´m trying to solve a costumer problem who needs that his NK-GPO be triggered ( closed contact) when a specific crosspoint of Ultrix has been closed. A schematic drawing of the system is attached. According to the manual, the GPO table works as the crosspoints assigned to them is closed. For example, if I switch source 1 to output 1, the GPO 1 is activated. (attached photo). 

    Is there anyway to develop a button or label, that when a specif crosspoint has been closed in Ultrix (by softpanel), it´s send a message to NK-IPS, which in turn tells NK-GPI that the crosspoint has been closed, and NK-GPI changes the state of GPO1, for example, from low to high? I´ve tried some set up, but I didn´t get success.

    The NK-IPS doesn´t furnish so many options related to its programming, only few APIs. (attached photo)  I can´t drag and drop its interface into my custom panel or even any parameter of it. 


    João victhor Mariano