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  • 1.  Dashboard Won't Respond on Blackstorm Server

    Posted 02-29-2016 01:11
    On a newly installed Blackstorm BVS-102P, I can no longer get the Ross Dashboard software to respond when I try to open it on the Blackstorm. Dashboard will launch but when you try to navigate to the Blackstorm, the software just crashes. When trying to log into the server from a different computer on the local network, Dashboard recognizes the server but will not allow for control of the Blackstorm video server. I have restarted the server entirely and imported all of the content again using the media import function. I am able to drop new content to the server from the edit bays through the local network.

    The weird thing about this issue is we shot a live show using the Blackstorm three hours before this issue came up and had no issues during that live show.

  • 2.  RE: Dashboard Won't Respond on Blackstorm Server

    Ross Staff
    Posted 02-29-2016 21:36
    Please contact to get in contact with a specialist who can help solve your issue with the BlackStorm and Dashboard connection.

  • 3.  RE: Dashboard Won't Respond on Blackstorm Server

    Posted 08-08-2016 14:21
    Just wanting to chime in on a similar issue I've encountered with Dashboard not communicating properly with Blackstorm... The cause was due to a Group Policy setting that identified the private control room network as 'Public', therefore limiting lots of port communication despite explicit firewall rules. I had to go in to gpedit.msc and change the default network setting for unidentified networks as being a 'Work Network'.