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  • 1.  Adjust size of touch tree

    Posted 3 days ago
    Does anyone know of a way to adjust the size of a touch tree? I have a clip list browser that is a tree popup, and I am trying to make it work well with a small touch interface. Unfortunately the touch tree always comes up as a fixed size. Even when I change dashboard preferences to use larger fonts, the touch tree doesn't change size, so it only shows two options at a time, which doesn't work very well either.

    The other idea I had would be to run this panel in Ultritouch emulation mode, using the "-ui touch" flag in command prompt. The issue I had with that was that I wasn't sure where to put my custom panel files to load them in the emulator. It just showed an empty folder. I also wasn't sure how the touch popup would work since I am running this panel in portrait, and I know the ultritouch usually tries to put a keyboard to the left of the selections. Might not work in a portrait config.

    Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Andy Bentley
    Broadcast Support Engineer
    Elevation Church