Virtual Output Output Performance

  • 1.  Virtual Output Output Performance

    Posted 13 days ago
    We use a scene designed for the Virtual Output as a production tool, so it's important to be pretty low impact on XPression as a whole as to not affect production.
    In the past, I've seen some small settings have wildly different effects on the Output Performance, but this specific instance is pretty extreme.

    Normally, the performance sits at around 2%, which is perfect.

    But very oddly, if I minimize the Virtual Output window, the performance explodes up to almost 80%!

    Other options tend to make smaller but beneficial differences, my current Virtual Output Settings are:

    I also do things like convert this specific scene template down to only 1280x720 (compared to normal production scenes being at 1080i), and in this specific project, the Status Tool scene is actually made up of eight even smaller templates (480x360) that I'm using as RenderView materials in the one master scene.

    If anyone has any insight into why the performance explodes when minimized, or even better ways to handle what I'm doing (bringing the same data directly into a dashboard custom panel instead is on my radar, just outside of my experience at the moment), I'm all ears!

    Mike DeMarco
    Video Production Engineer
    Las Vegas United States