CSV database for SQL queries #Datalinq #XPression #SQL

  • 1.  CSV database for SQL queries #Datalinq #XPression #SQL

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hi. I have an elections project with a large amount of candidates, so that i made scenes based on SQL queries to filter and order the candidates. At the beginnig i used an Access database, but now i needed to use a csv file as database. After seeing this post: "SQL Query Sort using csv (no/unamed table?)", i could connect the csv as database using the ADODB driver and make SQL queries. The problem is that i found that SQL queries were lot more time consuming than other drivers, causing a large latency and errors when graphics were on air. For example: time consumed of a query of an Acces DB -> 1ms, using csv -> 60ms. It's a huge diference! (obiusly that both have same tables sizes).

    Can anyone tell me if it is an issue of the csv driver? how can i reduce the time of the queries? is there an other way to do what i want?


    #datalinq #XPression #SQL

    Nicolás Noé