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Carbonite Black Custom Control rosstalk udp commands.

  • 1.  Carbonite Black Custom Control rosstalk udp commands.

    Posted 08-04-2021 17:50
    Hello all, i have a project where the goal is to use custom controls from the Carbonite 2s Panel via Carbonite Black Plus that sends a UDP OSC command across the network to a disguise server. I have successfully deployed this on a custom soft panel in an instance of Dashboard, however i want to bypass that soft panel and just fire the command from a CC. 

    In my experience i have found that when adding the disguise on the Carbonite Black Plus as a device (generic rosstalk) and adding the correct UDP port, and host IP. Then going into the Live assist CC editor, creating a generic rosstalk UDP command with the following string "/d3/showcontrol/stop"; on the disguise OSC monitor we see random characters being added at the end of the UDP string. 

    This is the Disguise OSC status monitor, it does not reflect each time the command is received in specific order but instead logs each command once and then shows when that command is triggered again. 

    So as i fire the string listed above ~10 times, we receive a random assortment of commands. 

    The commands on the left are what disguise registers coming down the OSC pipe. One of the 10 CC runs gave us the correct STOP command, however we also see 4 other lines sent by the Carbonite frame that are not the logic i provided. 

    Has anybody else experienced this or have any insight?

    TL;DR: why is Carbonite adding random characters to the end of my UDP strings. 

    #CarboniteBlack ​​​​

    Damien Gravois

  • 2.  RE: Carbonite Black Custom Control rosstalk udp commands.

    Ross Staff
    Posted 11 days ago
    We don't support this with the Carbonite directly ...  I would suggest using DashBoard to establish a custom panel that send the correct OSC control UDP and then use RossTalk TCP from the switcher to the DashBoard panel to trigger the events.

    Les O'Reilly
    Director - Switcher Product Management