SQL Sort Not Sorting Properly

  • 1.  SQL Sort Not Sorting Properly

    Posted 7 days ago
    Please help me sort these using SQL. 
    Column one is the numbers without commas.
    Column two is a second datalinq with a copy of the data with commas in the numbers. 
    Neither is sorted corrected. Note that in both cases the largest number is at the bottom, when it should be at the top, and 1234 and 12 swap positions. The only difference in the data is the presence or absence of commas, and the row numbers are correct.
    Example of Not Sorting

    Edit: Is this because Xpression or the Datalinq is not "seeing" these as integers? How do I define them as such. The source is a csv file.

    Edit Solved: Turns out I had quotation marks around everything in my csv file. Removing the quotations from the votes column has Xpression seeing these values as integers and they now sort properly.

    Nathan S.