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    RE: Slab Skewing

    Ed, Could it be a function of the 3d camera skewing objects in 3d based on their width? I don't have access to an Xpression right ...

  • It was around $1500 if memory serves correctly, but it works perfectly with Xpression. ------------------------------ Chris Schaaf ...

  • Thanks, Malcolm. ------------------------------ Kevin Coffee Graphic Designer Weigel Broadcasting -------------------------- ...

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    Slab Skewing

    I have a slab that's skewed and is a child of a line of text. The text is set to Auto Scale the First Child (Width Only) because ...

  • Playing around with this one. What if you used the string length box in visual logic? I'll let you know. This might be a scripting ...

Unanswered Questions

  • Why can't I figure this out - seems simple enough. I have a "question" I am datalinqing from an RSS feed to a lower third text ...

  • I'm looking to buy a laptop that can run XPression with two outputs. The plan is to use a Startech PCIe Expansion Enclosure ...

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    remove "Enters"

    I have a text that is shown in a crawl, only this text contains hard Returns, so that the crawl suddenly also shows several lines. ...


  • PIERO Live Down & Distance for American Football

    Did you Know? Our #PIERO Sports Graphics Analysis platform includes a Down & Distance solution for American Football. With #PIEROLive, quickly and easily deliver the features that fans and sponsors have come to expect from today's football productions – First Down Lines, Red Zone Markers, Field Goal Target Lines, & on-field branding!