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  • 1.  DataLinq content through branding player.

    Posted 7 days ago
    I have a temperature bug that is auto updated via datalinq from our Flow instance. While everything works in Xpression Developer, it does not appear to be working through the BlueBox and branding player.

    Chris Hamby
    IT Engineer
    WTVF - NewsChannel5

  • 2.  RE: DataLinq content through branding player.

    Ross Staff
    Posted 7 days ago
    Make sure your BlueBox has the Datalinq license. BlueBox App > Help > About > Licenses
    Looking at your account assets in the Ross customer asset list, I don't think you have the Datalinq License for XPression BlueBox. It looks like you just have BlueBox SCE (Single Channel Edition) and XPression Developer and Tick-it Core. 

    If you do have the Datalinq License: 

    When your Project is open in XPression Developer and you open the XPression Datalinq Manager.
    Have you used localhost for the Datalinq Server, or an IP address? 

    When the Project is loaded onto the BlueBox, the BlueBox will try and connect to the address that you have saved in the Datalinq Manager (the Datalinq Manager is saved in the Project file). 

    So you either need to make sure your BlueBox can reach your Datalinq server, or if you are using localhost, you need to install a Datalinq Server on the BlueBox with the same configuration (names/paths/etc). 

  • 3.  RE: DataLinq content through branding player.

    Posted 6 days ago

    We have now come back around full circle to us having a DataLinq Licensing issue.


    BlueBox and the DataLinq Server are running on the same machine.

    I changed the server address in the project to localhost/ but that made no difference.


    I find it very suspect that we were sold something with components that don't talk to each other.


    To my knowledge, we were sold a license for:

    A BlueBox playback server

    A DataLinq Server

    A license for Developer


    The DataLinq server pulls data as expected but is only allowing the connection from the developer machine.




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  • 4.  RE: DataLinq content through branding player.

    Ross Staff
    Posted 6 days ago
    You do not have a Datalinq license for your XPression BlueBox. The Datalinq Server software is not licensed, BlueBox must be licensed to connect to a Datalinq Server. XPression Developer does not require a Datalinq license to connect to the Datalinq Server (it is included).