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  • 1.  Dissolve set on Transition not working

    Posted 09-06-2022 14:09
    All - 

    Maybe a setting?  I have a graphic that uses transition logic (I did not create) and has a looping video as part of its scene.

    When I bring this into sequence and I set the transition to dissolve, the dissolve does not work.

    Shouldn't the TAKE OFFLINE button override any transition logic?  And then shouldn't  the TAKE OFFLINE follows my dissolve instructions?

    What am I missing?

    Graphics Designer II

  • 2.  RE: Dissolve set on Transition not working

    Ross Staff
    Posted 09-07-2022 00:55
    Transition logic will run simultaneously alongside any Take Item assigned transitions - as in both the assigned Take Item transition and Transition Logic will BOTH run when coming online - well they will try their best to coexist, but the reality is Transition Logic will always win. No way around that. Dismantle/disable one or the other if you don't want that. If you're using Transition Logic your take items should be assigned the CUT transition for Take Items (the default for everything).

    Take Offline and LayerOff both trigger transition logic OUT rules. As in, the Take Offline button on the keyboard will always trigger Transition Logic OUT rules. Technically both Take Items transition and transition logic both run, but again, transition logic always wins. 

    You could switch to using the CLEAR command, but that would ignore BOTH transition logic AND Take Item transitions. Its actually surprisingly complicated to switch your keyboard keys to use a CLEAR instead of a TAKE OFFLINE. 

    Overall, you're much better off just disabling Transition Logic - but if you really want to switch your keyboard to use CLEAR, I could give instructions on that. 

    To disable Transition Logic you can just uncheck all the rules for the scene: