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  • 1.  Elections Results Ticker

    Posted 10-10-2022 15:33
    I have to create an elections results ticker. Not sure if ticker is the right word to describe it. I need results to auto fill into a lower, stay on for 5-10 secs and then animate into the next race results. Not sure if I treat is like a ticker but it's not crawling or rolling. Wondering what the correct way is to pull it off. Do I create scene groups? How do I get Xpression to auto play each race so a director just takes it once and it just plays out results from each race? Here is an example of what I'm basically trying to achieve. Any help would be amazing. Thanks.

    Tina Ludewig
    Graphic Artist
    KITV4 Island Television

  • 2.  RE: Elections Results Ticker

    Posted 10-11-2022 00:10
    It can be made in  sequence through a group to display all your scenes for 5 or ten seconds

    Aukhojee Nidhish kumar
    Senior animation graphic artist

  • 3.  RE: Elections Results Ticker

    Posted 10-11-2022 02:03
    Hi Tina,

    This wouldn't be called a ticker nor a crawl so you shouldn't search for a solution in that direction. These are, however, back to back played scenes as a sequence, as Nidhish mentiones. So you build a Scene with the reveals and hiding of the TextObjects once, drag it several times into a group in the Sequencer (set the group so it will play every Scene in the group after the other), fill the TextObjects in the scenes with data and take the group online.

    Gerard de Vries
    Solution Architect Live Graphics & Virtual Graphics
    The Netherlands

  • 4.  RE: Elections Results Ticker

    Ross Staff
    Posted 10-11-2022 04:43
    To add some more detail to what people have posted here. You'll want to build a scene with transition logic (back to back). 

    After that you should use a timed group with each of you items in;

    Simon Redmile
    Senior Graphic Programmer & Designer
    Ross Video
    Bristol United Kingdom

  • 5.  RE: Elections Results Ticker

    Posted 10-12-2022 18:08
    Exactly what I needed. Now my next question is how to I get my group sequence to news to play out? Currently I just make a template and publish it and then a producer uses enps to add it to their shows. This is clearly gonna be multiple scenes of Hot Races.

    Tina Ludewig
    Graphic Artist
    KITV4 Island Television

  • 6.  RE: Elections Results Ticker

    Ross Staff
    Posted 10-13-2022 04:59
    Ah this method is not supported with MOS workflows.

    Simon Redmile
    Senior Graphic Programmer & Designer
    Ross Video
    Bristol United Kingdom

  • 7.  RE: Elections Results Ticker

    Posted 10-11-2022 11:11
    Hi Tina.
    I would be want offer you some like this option
    Create two kits of text objects and two scene director with index 0 and 1 in the name.
    In the scene datalinq keys create two keys "key_0" and "key_1"
    In the each text object in DataLinq write something like this item<%key_0%>\value, where key_0 is the datalink key named "key_0" and "+1" for the first object in th fisrt kit, item<%key_0%+1>\value is for the second object in the first kit and item<%key_0%+2>\value is for the third object in the first kit. For the second kit is the same. Key name must be key_1. In the OnOnline events set script below
     Dim keys As xpDatalinqKeys
     Dim key(1) As xpDatalinqKey
     For i as integer = 0 to 1
         keys.GetKeyByName("key_" + CStr(i), key(i))
         key(i).AsString = CStr(i*3+1)

    In the end of  scene directors with index 0 set script event with script below  and a Scene Director trigger who starts to play the scene director with index 1

     Dim n As Integer = 0
     Dim key(1) As xpDatalinqKey
     Dim keys As IxpDatalinqKeys
     For i As Integer = 0 To 1
        keys.GetKeyByName("key_" + CStr(i), key(i))
     key(n).AsString = CStr(CInt(key(1 - n).AsString) + 3)

    in the beginning of default scene director set a Scene director trigger who strarts to play scene director with index 0
    Here is an example project

    Roman Yaroshenko
    chief specialist
    Moscow Russian Federation

  • 8.  RE: Elections Results Ticker

    Posted 10-11-2022 14:38
    I'm using a single, looping scene director with two scripts.  At the front of the SD is a script that refreshes the datalinqs based on the current race number.  At the end is a script that set the race number.  That is based on whether or not the producer only wants to show winners and, if not, keeps track of the number of candidates in a race before going to the next race.  The scene itself has hidden text boxes linked to the Datalinq which then sets party colors, party icons, and winner flags based on the data.  Script is below and here's a sample scene (some elements may not have exported, but scripts are there).

    'declare variables
    dim sequence, numberofraces, pages, newrace, candidate1, candidate2 as xptextobject
    dim keys as xpDatalinqKeys
    dim key as xpDatalinqKey
    dim nextrace, nextpage, boolnewrace as string
    'get objects
    Scene.getobjectbyname("Seq Number", sequence)
    Scene.getobjectbyname("Number Of Races", numberofraces)
    Scene.GetObjectByName("Number of Pages", pages)
    Scene.GetObjectByName("New Race", newrace)
    Scene.GetObjectByName("CandidateNumber_1", candidate1)
    Scene.GetObjectByName("CandidateNumber_2", candidate2)
    If pages.Text = "1"
    	'check if at end of ticker list
    	If sequence.text <> numberofraces.text Then
    			'advance sequence number by one if not end of list
    			nextrace = CInt(sequence.text) + 1
    	Else If sequence.text = numberofraces.text Then
    			'reset sequence number to 1 if end of list
    			nextrace = 1
    	End If
    	boolnewrace = "True"
    	'advance to next page of race if multiple winners entered
    	candidate1.Text = CInt(candidate1.Text) + 2
    	candidate2.Text = CInt(candidate2.Text) + 2
    	pages.Text = CInt(pages.Text) - 1
    	nextrace = CInt(sequence.Text)
    	boolnewrace = "False"
    End If
    'send new race designation to template
    newrace.Text = boolnewrace
    'send sequence number to scene
    sequence.text = CStr(nextrace)
    'set datalinq and refresh
    	keys.GetKeyByName("Sequence", key)
    	key.AsString = CStr(nextrace)
    engine.DebugMessage("New Race = " & newrace.Text, 0)
    engine.DebugMessage("Sequence number: " & nextrace, 0)
    engine.DebugMessage("Page number: " & pages.Text, 0)
    'If a new race reset candidate count
    If boolnewrace = "True" Then
    	candidate1.Text = "1"
    	candidate2.Text = "2"
    End If​

    John Robbins
    Graham Media Group INC