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  • 1.  Google Sheet Support - Datalinq

    Posted 22 days ago

    Hi All,

        Does anyone have a way to, or know if Ross is planning to, add a google sheet source to Datalinq Sever? Currently a lot of our graphics are driven via Google sheets and our workflow since moving to Xpression has been to run a script to download and convert the google sheet to an XLSX file before bringing a scene live that uses that data. It works, but is somewhat cumbersome. It seems odd to me that Ross doesn't natively support google sheets yet since Chryon and others have offered this as an option for many years.

    Curtis MacDonald

  • 2.  RE: Google Sheet Support - Datalinq

    Ross Staff
    Posted 22 days ago
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    In the latest XPression version 11.1 5761 beta we have added support for the "Text Data Format" to the RSS/HTTP Data Source which will allow Datalinq to natively access Google sheets as a CSV file (when the Google Sheet is set to publish to web and the publish settings are set to CSV). 

    XPression version 11.1 beta should release as version 11.5 official release sometime around April-May 2023. 

    Attached is a document describing use of a paid plugin from CDATA to connect to Google Sheets as a database for XPression Datalinq.

    Some people also have success accessing Google Sheets in Datalinq as a JSON source using the following Google Sheets API URL, but often with mixed levels of success and failure: