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  • 1.  Recording inputs not showing up in Explorer

    Posted 01-17-2023 18:10
    Hi there,

    We just received our Mira + 8 Channel & have been using it as playback for now and it's been working well.  Started trying to incorporate replays into our shows and for whatever reason 2 things happen when we try and are never successful:

    1.  Cameras don't show up when you launch it on the control surface.

    2.  They show up in EE mode but not in the small windows underneath the main PGM/PVW.  I have been able to mark in's and out's on a few clips, but every time I try to play it back 3 of the channels freeze up or drop the signal entirely and then I have to quit the window and reopen.  Or occasionally it will allow me to play the replay but then I still have to close the window to bring it back up and repeat the process every time.

    Is it because we have an AJA 64 X 64 Router which apparently can't be controlled by the internal Video router or is there something else we are missing?

    Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

    #mira+ #replay​​

    Brad W. Smith

  • 2.  RE: Recording inputs not showing up in Explorer

    Ross Staff
    Posted 01-18-2023 01:45

    Hi Brad,
    I think that this might be down to something in 'Settings' not being correctly set - correct ISO mode / correct output channels set for the control panel / the Replay event not correctly started up so that the input channels all go into Record correctly  

    However, there may also be something else. It might be more efficient to simply contact our superb Technical Support Team and allow them to remote-connect to your machine using Team Viewer - it won't take long to correctly set up your machine for a Replay Event. Here are their contact details -

    Raphael Samad
    Business Development Manager
    Production Switchers/Video Servers
    Ross Video