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  • 1.  RenderView SceneDirector Playout Glitches

    Posted 08-26-2022 10:21


    I'm working on a set of scenes all containing RenderViews as portions of the certain in and out transitions as triggered by transition logic.

    For single scenes everything works fine.  If I take next in the sequencer, and the next item is a scene that contains the RenderView, there will be a glitch on the scene playing out.

    It looks like the preview render is moving the position of the RenderView playhead to generate the preview then the on air scene takes back control but not before glitching on air.

    Is there any way to do this with RenderViews?  Perhaps scripting some dynamic material creation?  Or is the best thing to do, just to recreate the elements and animations in the RenderViews in each scene? (Feasible but very tedious.)

    Ryan K. 

    Ryan Ksenich

  • 2.  RE: RenderView SceneDirector Playout Glitches

    Ross Staff
    Posted 12 days ago
    It might be difficult to give advice on this without seeing the project and how it is built. 
    If you deconstruct your template a bit (remove trans logic for example), do you still see this behavior?

  • 3.  RE: RenderView SceneDirector Playout Glitches
    Best Answer

    Posted 18 hours ago
    I was able to resolve this with a few minor changes:
    - First, I removed the Default frame markers from the Scene Directors that contained the RenderView clip.
    - Second, I create a Scene Director exclusively for preview that did not contain the RenderView Clip.

    As I mentioned, it looked like preview generation caused the position of the RenderView Scene Director to change, creating a glitch on air.  This seems to have been because of the default frame markers.

    Ryan Ksenich