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  • 1.  Ross Xpression Freelancer Training 2022/2023

    Posted 10-19-2022 18:37
    Hello Everyone,
         I have noticed that Ross has been conducting freelance clinics in Xpression in various cities in the U.S. I have committed to learning Xpression, and eventually being able to use it in a live sports truck environment. Unfortunately, I believe there is a class in Ottawa this month, I'm not able to attend. Does anyone from corporate know if there will be any more Freelance sessions specific to Xpression, anywhere in 2022 in the U.S.A. (Nov or Dec)?
         I am in the Seattle area, so my other choice would be, to ask, if there is any Seasoned Xpression Operator (Heavy in Sports usage) open to talking about some 1 on 1 training sessions with me for compensation. I've gone online and attempted to do the Xpression courses, I just need hands on experience for 2023. Thanks in advance, for all suggestions.

    Rich Leavitt
    Xpression in Training
    Lake Stevens, WA

  • 2.  RE: Ross Xpression Freelancer Training 2022/2023

    Posted 10-27-2022 15:34
    Hi Rich,

    I would suggest going to the Ross website and requesting training in your area.  You should also keep an eye on this, so you are ready when these open up.

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    Rob Blank
    Ross Video