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  • 1.  Text not showing Material in Preview

    Posted 10-26-2022 22:34
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    I'm using visual logic to have text fill fill into different boxes. Got a material feeding into all those text to be blue. When I got to the sequencer, the text is showing up white in the preview. Once you take the scene - will fix itself and display the correct color. Not too big of a deal to me but Producers think it's wrong when they are creating graphics in ENPS. Any reason why it would be showing incorrectly on the sequencer preview?

    Tina Ludewig
    Graphic Artist
    KITV4 Island Television

  • 2.  RE: Text not showing Material in Preview

    Ross Staff
    Posted 10-27-2022 10:42
    Without seeing your visual logic - I would guess you need to separate your visual logic into multiple tabs. You probably have everything happening in one tab, and in that tab you have conditional things that relies on the behavior of other visual logic flows. Visual Logic tabs run from left to right, so if you have conditional things, you need separate them into different tabs so they run in the correct order.