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Posted By Bonanza 10-20-2021 19:06
Found In Egroup: Graphics
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Hey All, I'm currently evaluating purchasing XPression as part of a greater equipment purchase and I am searching for an answer to something obscure. In our graphics we're designing for a new package for our network, we're using Halyard with specific OTF stylistic sets turned on. If you're not familiar ...
Posted By Bonanza 05-15-2021 13:11
Found In Egroup: Production Switchers
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Hey all, I am currently evaluating a switcher solution to purchase at the end of the year. Presently, I'm looking at Carbonite Ultra, but I love the form factor the SDPE card has for long term expansion. I did notice, however, in addition to only supporting 2 M/Es instead of 3 in CUF, SPDE supports 6+1 ...